Marko Nikolic: We came here to carry out hard work

The two managers shared their thoughts on the final friendly game of the first training camp.

Marko Nikolic:

„It has been a very hard two weeks. The players have shown good attitude throughout and have carried out the training as planned. There have been no injuries over the 14 days, which is important and pleasing. Everyone played during the friendly game as planned. Almost all of the players were given 90 minutes against Wuppertaler. We scored two goals and also created several chances. This is not a problem during the period as the player's legs were tired, which was the aim. We will now have four days to rest and freshen up before we continue next week in Marbella. We will split them up into two and play a further four friendly matches. We still have almost a month until the season begins and as I have said earlier, we were not looking at us being in good form here, but we came here to carry out hard work, which we did. We will play against strong opponents in the next camp, which will bring us suitably into form."

Manuel Bölstler (Director of Sport):

„We tried to look to play strong opponents over these days, so I am delighted that we managed to do this. The level and intensity, especially in the first half was high. Our aim is to be in the top five in the league, which is why we decided that we would travel out to this training camp. The weather back home and the conditions of the pitch are not ideal. The pitches here are great and we can measure ourselves against good sides here."

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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