Vidi press conference and evening training session

Michael Boris shared his thoughts on the Q2 match before taking his players for a training session.

Michael Boris, when asked what chance we have to qualify with a 4-1 lead, said that he gave both teams a 50% chance before the match, obviously we have a slightly better chance of qualifying, but we shouldn't sit back, the team has been preparing very seriously for the return leg in Gabala all week. Our head coach also reminded the journalists of how hard our team had been made to work by Gabala SC in the first half of the first leg, they proved they are a good team.

At the press conference, Michael Boris also told us that the team will not return home immediately after the game on Thursday evening, but will spend the night in Azerbaijan, and on Friday morning he will conduct a recovery training session for the players in Gabala and only after that will the team return home. The reason for this decision is that on Sunday we will play a league match in Paks and if the team would return home immediately after the match, there would be no time for proper regeneration.

Loic Nego  also stressed that we should not relax with a 4-1 lead, we should go into the game as if the score was 0-0. All the players are very motivated and want to win on the road, and success would be important not only for the confidence of progressing, but also for the confidence they need to start the league on Sunday. 

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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