Vidi aim to carry on the dream against a confident AEK

Manager Marko Nikolic and Loic Nego faced the media ahead of the evening training session.

It is the fourth Champions League away game for Vidi this summer. Manager Marko Nikolic and defender Loic Nego met the press at the stadium this evening. They answered questions before heading off to the pitch for a training session under the floodlights.

"We have stepped into an important part of the summer as we are in the Champions League play off. I have said many times that our dream is to make it into the group stage of the best competition. We can already be very proud that we are certain of a place in the Europa League group stage. However, the real top one would be the Champions League. We are up against a very good side and we could all see this last week. They have great supporters but we must also enjoy the atmosphere. We believe in ourselves and also the players" - explained the manager. 

Loic Nego also spoke about us arriving and wanting to go through. The many supporters will be an inspiration for Vidi on Tuesday evening. 

The players trained on the pitch from 20.30pm. A total of 68,000 can fit inside the stadium and they are counting on between 40-45,000, which will guarantee a great atmosphere. The squad trained infront of the media for the first 15 minutes before continuing once they had gone. 

The home side are in a confident mood

In the afternoon while the Vidi squad relaxed at their hotel, home team manager Marinos Ouzounidis and midfielder Konstantinos Galanopoulos faced the media at the Spiros Louis Olympic stadium. The AEK manager spoke about not allowing to feel comfortable and that his players will have to perform to 100%. There were some lapse of concentration in the first leg, which the opponents took advantage of. We must not allow them any chances."

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