Marko Nikolic: We are in front of a very good chance

The Videoton manager spoke about the importance of the matches ahead with Partizan following the draw in Nyon.

"I know that everyone in Szekesfehervar and Hungary is delighted that we have made it past Bordeaux. This is fine but let us not forget that before we play Partizan, we still have league games to play against Mezokovesd and Debrecen, which are also important. This will not only be a special game for me, but also for Radoje Szmiljanics and Goran Basarics as they were both working with me at Partizan. Then there are also our two players Danko Lazovic and Marko Scepovic, who came through the ranks at Partizan. We love Partizan and the supporters love us. I will be honest: I did not really want to play against Partizan and I have mixed feelings. It is no secret that I spent a nice time on the Partizan bench and achieved good success. I also have a very good relationship with their supporters. Now fate has brought this and it will not be easy sitting in the visitors bench after our joint success. At least I do not have to go out there on to the pitch and play (laughter). One thing certain is that the supporters will see two very interesting games. We are in front of a very good chance and we want to be there in the group stage as that is our dream. I give our team a 50-50 chance of making it through. Both teams are capable of showing quality football. We need to show the same stable and intelligent football as well as being tactically perfect in the games as we were against Bordeaux. The second leg went especially well for us. I have read what Roland has said following the draw and I agree with him. If we can produce a performance as we did against the French, we will have a chance of going through." - commented Marko Nikolic.


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