Loic Nego: We showed that we are a very good side

The French player scored a lovely goal in the second leg match in Athens on Tuesday.

"The first half started off a little bit difficult, but we were a match for AEK. We created several chances and we should have scored from them. At half time Marko Nikolic gave plenty of strength to the team and fired us up. He gave us believe that we could go out and do what he had arrived in Athens to do. We were better than our opponents. Sadly we did not manage to make it through, but I feel that we showed what a good side we are. We were very close to reaching our dream and we had chances and played well. We really did give our all. It was a lovely evening in the history of Vidi. Now we turn to the Europa League and we want to do well in that" - commented Loic Nego.

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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