Bartosz Grzelak: We are a little disappointed with the final result

After the final whistle, Bartosz Grzelak and Gábor Márton spoke to the media.

Bartosz Grzelak:

We played against a strong opponent, ZTE have players with great skills who counter-attack well. We prepared a lot for this week, I am satisfied with the way we controlled this element of the game. In the first half we possessed the ball a lot, Zalaegerszeg defended very well. We had our good moments after the break, we took the lead with Christensen's goal, we had a chance for the second one, but unfortunately we couldn't close the game. We are a little disappointed with the result, we feel we have lost two points, but we have to remember that with four rounds to go we are in second place, which few would have thought. We are determined and will continue to fight for the podium in the remaining rounds!

Márton Gábor:

It's an interesting game of football, last week we played very well but lost, this week we didn't play so well but we got a point. Both teams had chances, Vidi had a few more, we were rushed in our finishing. The positive thing is that the team didn't give up until the last minute, we came back from behind and got a point.

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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