Marko Nikolic: We started well but stopped after 25 minutes

The two managers shared their thoughts on Saturday's league match.

Marko NIkolic:

"I would like to congratulate Vasas who wanted it more today. We went into the game with a good series and leading 5 points. We also started today's game well. We had chances and scored a goal, but stopped after 25 minutes. Perhaps we thought that it would be easy from then on but this is not possible in football to have easy games. We knew that Vasas would be dangerous at set-pieces and also that they always send 5 big men up. We told the players to avoid giving away corners and free kicks. We then let in 3 goals from set-pieces. We had yet to concede a goal after a set-pieces, but today we conceded 3!. I would add that apart from this... how can I put it. We had two difficult moments on the pitch. The disallowed goal when the score was 2-1. I am also thinking about the penalty that was not given. I think that overall Vasas deserved the win as we had issues with our attitude today. It is never a good feeling to lose, but perhaps we needed this to get back to the good road. We need to rediscover our earlier fight and sharp play and must not think that we just have to go out onto the pitch to win." 

The manager also reacted to the two sending off's and the referee at the post match press conference. 

"I could say so much at the moment but I am a believer of fair play. Vasas won today and I do not want to turn things around to another direction. It is the job of the journalist to write about the events. Everybody knows who makes the decisions on the pitch. We have lost two important players before the big game with Honved. Sadly these things are also part of football."

Michael Oenning:

"I am pleased that I can congratulate my own players on the win. That freshness is starting to come back that was with us last season. There was some battles out there on the pitch and both teams went into challenges to get the ball. The game was a fair one despite the cards that were shown. I am sure that both teams will have bruises as it was a battling game today. We managed to score goals and our set pieces were dangerous. In fact all three of our goals came from defenders. The plan was to try and give Vidi as little space as possible as we knew that their two central defenders, Fiola and Juhasz like to break forward. We wanted to stop the play from deep that Vidi use. We went behind in the game but we knew what we wanted to play and we did that."

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