Joan Carrillo: I am pleased that Roli and Vini's final home game went so well

The two managers gave their thoughts following Tuesday's final whistle. 

Joan Carrillo:

"I am happy that this is how Roli and Vini's last home match went. It was a good match, we were able to create a lot of situations and we managed to win. Important players are leaving together with their personalities. I consider myself lucky to be able to work again after working together 5 years ago. It was the icing on the cake tonight that Roli scored the only goal of the match, we also gave the fans a nice gift at the end of the season. They deserved it because they stood by us even when we hadn’t played a match like today before. Every time we step on the pitch, we want to improve and win, and for that we have to perform in games like Saturday, against ZTE, even if there is no longer a special importance for either team. Tonight is for celebrating Roli and Vini, but we’re getting ready for the final match of the season from Wednesday.

Sergi Rebrov: 

"Vidi wanted the victory more today and the team from Fehérvár created a lot of chances. We also tried to constantly change our system during the match. Unfortunately, we could not completely eliminate the match load of the last four games and we tried to provide opportunities for fresh players as well. The most important thing for us was to finish the match without serious injury, as we want everyone to be healthy for the start of pre-season."

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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