Flores and Honduras beat Mexico

Honduras beat Mexico 2-0 in the first quarter-final of the CONCACAF Nations League "A".

The first match of the CONCACAF Nations League "A" quarter-finals between Honduras and Mexico took place on Saturday morning, Hungarian time. Vidi's Deybi Flores was in the starting line-up for the home team.

According to reports, Honduras started the game more actively, and in the middle of the first half, Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa was injured and was unable to continue. In the 30th minute, Palma made a great save in front of goal and Anthony Lozano Colon, who was out of position, made a fine move to flick a cross into keeper Malagón's goal.

In the second half, Mexico played more dangerously, but it was the home side who scored again. In the 72nd minute, J. Álvarez made a superb run down the left and, after a cross, substitute Bryan Rochez turned his keeper and fired into the net.

Honduras go into next Wednesday's return leg with a two-goal lead.

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