Five interesting things to know before the match against Paks

Our team is aiming for a 21st league win on Saturday against Paks, who we have beaten three times in the past by four goals in the NB I.

In the 12th round of the OTP Bank Liga 2022/2023 season, our team will play against Paksi FC at the MOL Arena Sósto on Saturday at 16:30.

1. Overall record

The 40 matches played by the two teams in the top flight so far show the superiority of Fehérvár: with 20 wins and 11 draws, the green and white team from Tolna have won only 9 times.

Our first NB I match against Paks was played away from home in August 2006, when goals from Csizmadia and Sitku gave the team, later managed by Paks head coach Aurél Csertői, a 2-0 win. The last time we played Paks away was on the opening round of the season, which we lost 2-0.

2. Biggest win

Vidi have won three times against Paks by a large margin: the first time was in 2011, when the Paulo Sousa led team won 4-0 at home with a double from Vasiljevic and goals from Alves and Nikolic. 

In 2016, Henning Berg's side also won 5-1 at home with goals from Géresi, Scepovics twice, Hadzic and Lazovic, and in 2018, Marko Nikolic led us to a 4-0 away win, with Pátkai scoring twice and Nego and Hodzic once each.

Taking all matches into account, an 8-0 win against Paks is our biggest success, which was achieved by Ferenc Csongrádi's team in a preparation match in the winter of 2001, with Gábor Földes scoring four times.

3. Familiar faces

From our first squad, our national team defender Attla Fiola and our young striker Ákos Szendrei have played for Paks before, while on the other side, several former Vidi players will return to the MOL Arena Sóstó on Saturday: Zsolt Gévay, Márton Lorentz, Olivér Tamás, Bálint Szabó and Zsolt Haraszti have all played for the red-blues, the latter was a member of our 2015 champions, while Szabó played for our 2018 champions.

4. The oldest Vidi goalscorer

The oldest player to have ever been scored by a Vidi player in the club's history is linked to a match against Paks: at the end of his third season at Vidi, in March 2007, Attila Kuttor, who has the second most NB I appearances of all time, found the net for the green-and-whites from Tolna at the age of 36, 9 months and 3 days, to save a point for Vidi in the dying stages of a 1-1 draw.

5. The date: 22 October.

On Saturday, our team has played seven top-flight matches in the past, with two wins, three draws and two defeats. One year ago, we lost 1-0 at Újpest on 22nd October, and in 2016 we beat Paks 5-1 at home on the same day. Apart from that, we have a win against Kaposvár, a draw against ZTE, Békéscsaba and Csepel, and a defeat against Pécs.

On the day of the match against Paks, Dominique Vallejos celebrates his birthday, having played in one Hungarian Cup match for our first team in the 2014/2015 season.

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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