The two head coaches evaluated the match MOL Fehérvár FC - Budapest Honvéd

After the league match on Sunday night, Michael Boris and Tam Courts spoke to journalists.

Michael Boris:

"I'm very happy, I think that's understandable given the result. Last week in Paks we tried to be attacking, but we didn't perform as well. The first 20-25 minutes were difficult, Honvéd changed their system a little bit, we can take that as a compliment, but we managed to react well. We went forward all the time, we got well inside the penalty area and we tried to score all the time. We could have had more movement from deep, but with two games a week it's not easy to maintain the energy level. On Wednesday we will travel to Moldova to prepare for that meeting and of course we want to win the return leg. Shabanov and Petryak have two yellow cards, so they might not play, because I would like to be able to count on them in Cologne if we qualify, and Serafimov is injured, so we will have to do some changes and see which team will start."

The press conference also touched on how united Vidi look from the outside in the new season.

"It's a process that started at the end of last season when we went nine games unbeaten. Everybody, the players, the staff and the club's employees know that unity is important, we also held a lot of small team-building programmes, for example in the training camp. We trust each other, we celebrate not only the goal scorers but also the big blocks and tackles, today the boys went the extra mile for each other. Of course, there are sometimes frictions, sometimes we have different opinions, but we always speak to each other with a voice of respect."

Tam Courts:

"We started the game well, we were calm, we controlled the game and for about twenty minutes we executed what we had planned. After that the home team scored two quick goals and immediately took advantage of our individual mistakes. Vidi are a very strong team, we tried to get back into the game, but the game became a bit of a misery for us. We tried to push, we went forward, we had chances in the second half, but we couldn't score. It was our own mistakes that made today's result what it was, we couldn't hold Vidi. I know we have to improve quickly because we have good periods, but we can't perform at the right level for 90 minutes.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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