Michael Boris: "We want a good result in Kisvárda"

Our team's league match in Kisvárda will start on Sunday at 14:30 in the Várkerti Stadium.

"Of course we were disappointed with the result on Thursday, but we had to move on quickly, we had to prepare for the league game in the last two days. We want to get a good result, if only because it's in league games like this that we can fight for the chance to play international games like the one against Cologne again later on. We're aiming for the top three, Kisvárda are currently in the lead and we mustn't let them overtake us by too many points. Our opponents are a good and strong team, they were not too far from getting into the ECL playoffs. Kisvárda are also strong in counter attacks, we have to be prepared for that and hinder their counter attacks. We measure daily how the players are feeling or how they slept, they fill out daily reports, so we know exactly which player is in what condition, not only physically but also mentally, which is a big help in the midst of a busy schedule" - said head coach Michael Boris ahead of the match against Kisvárda.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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