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Dear Colleagues!

On this subpage you can register and log in to the VidiPRESS platform, through which you will be able to accredit for Fehérvár FC press events and home matches, including league, cup and international matches.

Accreditation can only be applied for online via the VidiPRESS interface, we are unable to accept applications received after the deadline (or by other means such as email).

For agents and scouts: Our club has a dedicated form for agents and scouts to fill in to request tickets for our matches at Sóstói Stadion. The application deadline for Saturday and Sunday home league matches is the Thursday before the match at 12:00 and for Friday home league matches the Wednesday before the match at 12:00. The registration form can be accessed by clicking here.

The accreditation procedure for Fehérvár FC home matches

The press accreditation procedure for league and cup matches of the 2023/2024 season:

In all cases, the club decides on accreditation at its own discretion. The deadline for accreditation for Hungarian league and cup matches is 12 noon on the working day before the match. Colleagues who have received a positive response will be informed by e-mail about the conditions and the means of access to the Sóstó stadium. Colleagues who have received a negative response this time are kindly requested not to attend the match, as they will not be able to enter the stadium without a valid accreditation. All other regulations (ground rules, etc., see below) will apply to closed matches as well.

Members of the press are kindly requested to be accredited before each match via the VIDIPRESS accreditation sub-page (You must be registered to use the VIDIPRESS interface!) Accredited members of the press can collect their wristband and vests from the stadium press entrance upon presentation of an ID card, and photographers can hand them in at the same place after the match.

Due to the limited number of accreditation places available, applications will be assessed in accordance with the club's accreditation policy. A journalist membership card alone is not sufficient for a positive decision.

The press areas will continue to be located in the main building, as usual, and the press entrance will be accessible from the parking level of the A1 sector.

Procedure for accreditation:

  1. Journalists and photojournalists from written and electronic media can cover official, domestic and international matches of Fehérvár FC with accreditation.
  2. Special rules apply to the accreditation of television companies, which requires the written consent of the rights-owning television companies in accordance with the MLSZ regulations.
  3. Media staff can apply for accreditation prior to the match start time at, on the accreditation sub-page of the VIDIPRESS platform. The deadline for accreditation for Hungarian league and cup matches is 12 noon on the working day before the match. The deadline for accreditation for the priority matches is different and will be announced by the club in advance.
  4. By requesting accreditation and receiving the press pass (photo vest), the media staff declare that they are familiar with and accept the relevant regulations of Fehérvár FC and the Hungarian Football Association.
  5. In accordance with the relevant UEFA and MLSZ regulations, Fehérvár FC has the right to determine the number of accreditations issued for each match.
  6. If the number of applicants for accreditation exceeds the number of press tickets available, Fehérvár FC will issue the tickets according to the predetermined accreditation order.
  7. Information about the sporting event, its results and certain events may only be transmitted with the prior written consent of the organising sports association (in the case of Fehérvár FC, MLSZ, and in the case of international matches, UEFA) or on the basis of a contract, including in particular information transmitted to sports betting and on-line sports betting organisers and sports betting data providers and their subcontractors, as well as recordings concerning the event's property rights. If the participant is unable to produce written permission from the organiser on the spot, he/she may be removed after being requested to do so. In the future, Fehérvár FC will not contribute to similar activities during the championship, cup and preparation matches of the NB I, NB III, junior and women's teams.

Accreditation order:

I. Broadcasting rights holder television company, MTVA, Nemzeti Sport, Fejér Megyei Hírlap, club media of the visiting team, county daily newspaper of the visiting team
II. National daily newspapers, television companies, flagship Internet sports portals, Fejér County media, radio stations with national frequency licence, news agencies.
III. Magazines, weekly and monthly newspapers, local radio stations.
IV. Other Internet media. Applications for accreditation from foreign media are decided by Fehérvár FC on an individual basis.

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