Lyes Houri: It was a good tempo match with chances at both ends

The Vidi midfielder gave his reaction on the season finale 1-1 draw.

"Despite the great heat, I think we played a good-tempo match at the home of Zalaegerszeg. Both teams played to win the game and there were plenty of situations here and there. I haven’t looked back yet, so I can’t say anything about the offside goals, but in any case, it’s very rare for a team to score three goals, which aren’t given for offside. In addition to the goals, there were also goalposts at both sides, so I think that from the outside it was an enjoyable match. Of course, we were left with a feeling of missing out, as we were leading again, and this time we did not manage to win either. We will definitely have to improve on this next season, but now there are two weeks of rest. It’s important that we all relax and get ready for the start of pre-season for the new season in July" - Lyes Houri told our website.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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