Joan Carrillo: There were two more points in the match

The two managers shared their thoughts following the 1-1 draw on Saturday.

Joan Carrillo:

“The great heat was a challenge for both teams, and the home team and we had to deal with the circumstance as well. We managed to do this better at the start of the match with a goal. The chances came too, but we did not manage to finish off the match as the second goal did not come. In the second half, the home team were able to equalize with an incredible goal. Admittedly, they had opportunities after that too, but overall I feel like we left two points in the game - we should have managed this match better and then we would have left victorious."

Our head coach was congratulated at the press conference for the entertaining match and was also asked about the team’s plans.

"Thank you, but a good match also requires the performance of the home team. My contract carries on for next season as well, and according to the plans, after about two weeks of rest, the preparations will start in Fehervar, and then, if the conditions allow, we would like to go to a training camp as well. We have been working with Zoltan Kovacs, sports director and his team, on the development of the squad for four months. We knew that Roland Juhasz and Vinícius would not be with us next season, Szabolcs Huszti joined them on Thursday, but at the same time our goal will be to create and prepare a team that would be even more competitive than the current one."

Gabor Marton:

"Our goal was to win the final match of the season in front of our great supporters. We also wanted to get to fifth place with three points. But we also have to see that Fehervar are a good team even with the rested players and absentees. From the supporters' point of view, the match was definitely entertaining, but not so much from the bench, but there were opportunities for both teams. Looking back on the past, I can say that the team has accomplished a great deal. How deep these guys have come back from ... congratulations to them. All I can say about my future, our future, is that negotiations have begun with the players and with me as well."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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