Joan Carrillo: "I hope we can build on Tuesday’s positive emotions"

The Vidi head coach spoke ahead of the final league game of the season away at ZTE.

"We are beyond a very emotional big match against Ferencvaros. The day went very well for us, I trust our fans think so too! Two great people, two great players said goodbye to us at home. They both have a separate page in the history book of the club. I hope that we can build on these positive emotions and beat Zalagerszeg in a battling match, as we want to end the season with three points."

We also reminded our head coach that due to the coronavirus epidemic, a very strange season will end on Saturday afternoon in Zalaegerszeg.

"Every team is past a difficult time, that’s true. I think we are currently in good shape in terms of stamina or tactical readiness. Unfortunately, he has drawn games that we should have won in recent weeks, despite the fact that we have had the advantage several times. Against Ferencvaros, however, I think we have shown that the team is able to play quality football against a strong opponent. If we can continue with this level in the future, we will have nice results"

Author: David Rechnitzer

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