"We will do our best to keep the three points at home"

Our defender has quickly settled in Székesfehérvár, and has grown fond of his new position and is looking for a win against his former club.

You moved to Székesfehérvár half a year ago, have you managed to settle in yet?

Yes, fortunately we got used to the city and the atmosphere very quickly, it's nice to live here. Our child was born in Fehérvár, we are very happy here. We live very close to the fishing lakes, but now I have less time for fishing, I visit the lakes daily, we have two dogs and we walk a lot.

You spent six successful years in Zalaegerszeg, you have been promoted to the NB I, you won the Hungarian Cup. Is it a special experience for you to play against ZTE?

Indeed, as you say, I spent some good years in Zalaegerszeg, I still have many friends in the team and in the stands, but I'll put that aside for those two hours and do my best to keep the three points at home. I don't have any special feelings, I'm preparing the same way as usual. After the game, of course, I'll have a few words with the old boys.

What is the reason for the team's good form in the second half of the spring?

I think the new arrivals needed a little time to settle in. It's never easy, but they managed to do it quite quickly. Also, we have a team that is doing everything to win. We have a common goal; we want to get as many points as possible in the remaining five games.

In Bartosz Grzelak's three- and sometimes five-man defensive system, you play at the back, how different is that to your previous role?

I hadn't played in this position before, but I've got used to it and grown quite fond of it over the last six months. It's different from before in that I can't join the attack as much, I can't get up to the opponent's penalty area as much as I could when I was playing on the touchline, but I like this new role, I enjoy playing it.

With five games to go, the team is in a podium position. How much of an issue is it in the dressing room?

A lot of people ask us that, of course we know the league table, but we're still focused on the next game. We have to go match by match and then we'll see at the end, depending on the results, what it's enough for. As I said before, we want to finish the season with wins.

Do you think you can surprise your former teammates with your throw-ins?

They know me very well, I'm sure they're preparing for it, but I hope I can outsmart them (laughs).

Author: David Rechnitzer

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