"We experienced an incredible emotional rollercoaster in the final moments"

Our international defender assessed the match against DVTK and the season behind us. 


"We didn't start well this season, but we worked very hard all the way through and the head coach and the staff were working hard to make us as good as possible. We achieved the goal we set at the beginning of the season relatively quickly, and then we went for more ambitious goals. The team unity was very good, we fought for each other and we were confident that we would finish the season on the podium. We are extremely disappointed now because we feel we deserved at least the bronze medal. It's hard to say anything, it's an incredible emotional rollercoaster that I experienced in the final moments. I scored a goal in the final moments of extra time, we celebrated with thousands of fans and teammates, and then came the VAR review and the shocking verdict that my goal was ruled out. Since then, of course, I've watched the footage of my goal and I can't say anything. I never bother with referees and I don't want to bother with them now, anyone who watches my goal on TV and the replay can decide whether it was a goal or not. I'm very proud of the team, we believed in success all the way and I feel we did everything we could to win the game. Last but not least, I would like to thank our fantastic fans who have been there for us all season, through good and bad. I am also very sorry for them that we could not celebrate a podium finish together" our national team defender Nikola Serafimov told our website.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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