The two head coaches evaluated the MOL Fehérvár FC - Kisvárda Master Good match

Szabolcs Huszti and László Török spoke to the journalists after the match.

Szabolcs Huszti:

"I know a lot of people are wondering why Nego wasn't in the squad, but he was out through injury, there's nothing behind that - even though he wouldn't have been in the starting line-up anyway. We dominated the first forty-five minutes, played patiently and scored beautiful goals. I dare to reach out to the youngsters and those who give their all for the team in training, and it paid off today. I congratulated the team in the dressing room for the win, but of course there were things that need to be improved today. I still hold the opinion I expressed at Újpest, which is why we rotated the starting line-up a little before today's league game."

Our head coach was also asked about the attitude of Kenan Kodro at the press conference.

"There's nothing wrong with Kodro's attitude, but he didn't start today. I discussed this with him separately before the match. The attitude of the team was also fine today, they showed the right reaction after the Újpest game, I'm happy about the four goals and three points, but we shouldn't overthink it. Today everyone wanted to play football, we took the game on, especially in the first half. Everyone added what was needed, Dani Kovács made a great save in the first half. You have to be able to take criticism and praise as a professional athlete, it's in there."

Török László:

"It's always difficult to evaluate a defeat, you can't make up for today. The stylistic characteristics of Kisvárda were not present today or in the last round, only in certain periods. Today, for example, after a 2-0 deficit, we came out of the dressing room in good form, changed gears, attacked and managed to score. I don't usually single out or criticise players after matches, but I would like to say a word about Odyntsov's performance. When Otto Hindrich was injured, I said that he deserved his minutes because he had worked very well in training. However, we have conceded seven goals in the last two games and his performance is part of that. It is a disappointment for us. However, this does not take anything away from Vidi's merits, they deserved to win. But the whole autumn season and the fact that Kisvárda is on the podium is the result of the hard work of the team and the club employees!"

Author: David Rechnitzer

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