The thoughts of the two managers following the final whistle

Szabolcs Huszti and György Bognár evaluated the Paksi FC - MOL Fehérvár FC match.

Szabolcs Huszti: 

"In the first half an hour we didn't manage to do what we had planned at all, although I thought that after the win against Vasas everyone on the pitch would be biting to win. We played with the wind against us, which made things difficult, but it was only at the end of the first half that we got to the point where we tried to play football. Once we started to play, our game looked better and we managed to equalise at the best time. We went into the second half with the psychological advantage and playing with our backs to the wind, but unfortunately even then we only threatened in the last 15 minutes of the game. We asked them to attack the area behind the defenders, but that didn't happen, and then came the penalty awarded by VAR. In the end we tried for an equaliser but we were powerless."

György Bognár:

"It was a very frustrating match, not a high quality game, but the high wind also played a part in it, it was more of a fight. In the second half, even with the wind, we were able to keep the game in the opponent's half of the field, the opponent didn't really have any space. I'm happy with the team, if every single player can fight like that, the result is there. Based on the chances in the first half, we could have been 2-0 up instead of 1-1 and then we would have had an easier time against the wind. We said in the dressing room that if the score is 1-1 and we have to play against the wind, we still have to win the game, which we did."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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