The Hungarian NB I says its farewell to Roland Juhasz

The long serving Vidi captain plays his final home league game on Tuesday evening.

Roland Juhasz made his debut in the NB I on the 20th May 2000, and his farewell will take place more than twenty years later, on the 23rd June 2020. Roli has been sent goodbye messages by his fellow players, team captains and head coaches on behalf of the NB I clubs.

Tomas Tujvel, Budapest Honved goalkeeper, former Vidi teammate:

Roland Juhasz has done a lot for Hungarian football, both as a footballer and as a person, setting a good example for all young people. We won the championship title and the Hungarian Cup together, we participated in the group stage of the Europa League, and we achieved a lot of nice success together. I’m so glad to know that we were teammates and I was part of his career too. I loved playing with him, we were good as teammates both on and off the pitch. I wish him a lot of nice good things for the period after his playing career, both professionally and in his private life. I hope that one day fate will bring us together and we will be able to work together.

Daniel Tozser, DVSC team captain, former international teammate:

Roli Juhasz does not especially need to be commended, as his results speak for itself! He is a multiple Hungarian and Belgian league champion, cup winner, with almost a hundred national team caps, who has been the most decisive defender of both the national team and his teams over the last decade. He is also an internationally recognised, excellent player with whom I personally have a good relationship. On the occasion of your retirement, congratulations on your great career and I wish you much success in your future life and career!

Braniszlav Danilovics, DVTK goalkeeper, former Vidi teammate:

When I moved to Vidi, the multiple international teammate Roland Juhasz helped me integrate as a real captain. I knew before that he was an excellent footballer, and during my time together, I also experienced what a positive and a true leading personality he is. He praised me after every save I made, and he didn't attack me after any mistakes. It was a pleasure to play together with him. He has a great career behind him, every footballer dreams of playing for the national team, and he has worn the national badge nearly a hundred times. I am proud to have been his teammate and I wish him to achieve similar success as a coach after finishing his football career!

Tamas Hajnal, FTC sports manager, former national teammate:

After the first international match, we are also connected by our common experiences in Belgium, because when he signed for Anderlecht, I was a player of Sint-Truiden. Roli was a true winning type, a leader on the pitch who you could always count on. If I have to recall a characteristic thing, I would highlight from the national team the huge battles he fought against real stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We’ve talked about him imagining himself as a coach in the future. I am sure that he will find the way where he can be successful and it is also certain that Hungarian football needs personalities like Roland Juhasz.

Laszlo Disztl, the legend of our club, a member of the Vidi UEFA Cup final team, currently the head coach of Kaposvar Rakoczi FC.

I was the coach of Roland Juhasz in the MTK U19 team. We won the league but at that time, Roli was still a striker. I followed his career throughout, as he, like me, was a foreign based player in Belgium, and he did this at a high level throughout. He was a leading figure at a young age, and in recent years this has been exponentially true of him, not only for Vidi, but also in the national team. He has a very nice career behind him, he has been balanced all along, performing very well. He has fought with his heart and soul on the pitch in every game. I have very fond memories of him, I trust that if he stays in football, he can pass on to as many players as possible the mentality that has characterised him throughout his career. 

Tamas Bodog - Kisvarda Manager:

The wonderful career of one of the legendary figures of Hungarian football comes to an end. His mentality and attitude raised him to the heights where he will hopefully continue to help Hungarian football in some other function! Congratulations and good luck with that!

Attila Kuttor, head coach of Mezokovesd-Zsory, former MTK and national teammate:

For us, the relationship with Roli is special because our careers have always developed in such a way that when I finished something, he started it. This was the case at MTK when he made his debut in the NB I and I was still there, but when I left, he went on to become a stable key player there. In the national team in 2004, my last match was his first game, we were both able to score against the Japanese, and so it is a lasting memory for both of us. And now he is finishing his career at Fehervar, where I have appeared many times and I was also a team captain. I think you need to have tremendous respect for the performances that he has achieved over his career. He is a very big fighter, a very good football player, he didn't accidentally wear the shirt of the Hungarian national team almost 100 times. I wish him very good health and a long happy family life! As I know his habit, I'm sure he'll find the job that's right for him after his career as a player.

Tamas Kecskes, midfielder of Paksi FC:

Unfortunately, Roland and I just missed each other at MTK, so I couldn't really be his teammate, which I regret. He has become a great icon in Hungarian football. He will be missed on the pitch. He has built an excellent career in which, as I have just heard, he can achieve more success, but on the other side of the white line as a coach. I wish him all the best in this area too!

Roland Szolnoki , Puskas Academy defender and team captain:

Roli hardly needs to be introduced to anyone as he is one of the key players in Hungarian football from the last decade.  He has almost 100 caps for his country, who has had an exemplary career, not only in Hungary but also abroad, in the colours of Anderlecht. He is a real leader whose words were listened to by everyone in the dressing room, and on the pitch, he was always characterised by an uncompromising desire to win. We won two championship titles here at home together, and although I haven't played in Fehervar for two years, we still have a great relationship. I sincerely wish him every success in his post-football career!

Filip Pajovics, goalkeeper of Ujpest FC, former Vidi teammate:

Brother! It was an honour to play and train with you. Your leadership was a very important part of making Vidi so successful. I wish you all the best for the future and for you to be at least as successful as a coach as you were as a player!

Zoltan Stieber, ZTE midfielder:

It was an honour to play with Roli Juhasz, as he has a serious career behind him. He was the leader of the national team and to our great pleasure we were able to experience together the greatest experience of both of our careers, the European Championships in France. I wish Roli a lot more success in civil life and football too!

Author: David Rechnitzer

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