Press Conference: The views of the two managers

Bartosz Grzelak and Dejan Stankovic answered journalists' questions after the match.

Bartosz Grzelak:

"We knew that we were facing a very difficult game at the home of Ferencváros, so we put a lot of emphasis on the mental preparation of the players. It wasn't a game that everyone expected us to win, we didn't have too much to lose, but it was important that the players didn't lose confidence. We were prepared for our opponents to be better in possession, so it was very important that the players were fully concentrated on the pitch and that everyone helped each other. It was also important to keep the home players out of our box.  We had two or three chances, one of which we had to convert in order to win the game, and luckily we did. Zsolt Kalmár was only able to train with the team a little bit since the last national team break, so I put players in the starting line-up who can play 90 minutes of football, but we also knew that Kalmár can boost our game when he comes into the team, as he did against Újpest and today against FTC."

Dejan Stankovic:

"If FTC loses twice in a row in the NB I, it is newsworthy. We had to do without some of our players today, but I still wanted to send a strong team on the pitch. Our pressing worked well in the first half, but the last passes didn't work. If you don't score, you get more and more nervous on the pitch after a while. I tried to improve our attacking line with substitutions. Football is a strange sport, because even if you're concentrated all the time, one set-piece can decide everything. I'm not happy, but when you play three games a week, you have to rotate. For sure, if we had scored in the first half, everything would have been different in this match. We didn't, so there's nothing else to do, congratulations to Vidi!"

Author: David Rechnitzer

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