InStat: Bolla, Nego and Dardai make team of the week

The trio put in very good performances in Vidi's 3-1 away win at Mezokovesd on Wednesday.

The usual weekly InStat points have been released for match 30 of the league season. Vidi had the most players in the team of the week out of the 12 NB I sides. Lyes Houri (9/9) and Bendeguz Bolla (6/6) produced fine skills. However, it was Palko Dardai who had the most key passes. 

InStat OTP bank team of the week for match 30 based on a 4-4-3-formation:

Bogdán (FTC, 296 InStat-points)- Bolla (MOL Fehérvár FC, 304), Cirkovic (Kisvárda, 320), Mmaee (FTC, 288), Matheus Leoni (Kisvárda, 314) - Favorov (ZTE, 326), Laidouni (FTC, 323), Nego (MOL Fehérvár FC, 313) - Uzuni (FTC, 295), Koszta (ZTE, 296), Dárdai (MOL Fehérvár FC, 322)

Author: David Rechnitzer

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