Imre Szabics: Three points are the target at Mezokovesd

The Vidi manager shares his thoughts as his side prepares to face Mezokovesd on Wednesday.

“We are past an emotional and eventful match, but we did not have much time to analyze the match against Honved, as another difficult league game awaits us in Mezokovesd tonight. Both the members of the starting team and the players who were on the bench at the new Hidegkuti Nandor Stadium proved that they can be relied on in a matches. It is also gratifying that I see the same mentality from all the members of the squad during the training sessions. We must not trick ourselves with the fact that Mezokovesd did not succeed in the previous three league games as they produced a long series of unbeaten games before that with organized, good play, but in recognition of this, of course in Mezokovesd our main goal is to get the three points.” - commented Imre Szabics ahead of the 20:00pm kick off.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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