Bartosz Grzelak: "The decision is in our hands, we have to get the three points"

Our team's season-closing league match against Vasas FC will kick off on Saturday at 20:00 at the Illovszky Rudolf Stadium.

"Of course there's pressure on the team ahead of a crucial game for us to stay in the league, but the pressure has been there for a long time, so it's not a big change from previous weeks. There is a great team spirit, the players are very committed to winning Saturday's league game, they have trained really well this week and my job was to keep the concentration at maximum for Saturday's game. Even though Vasas are already relegated, I have learned in my life that you always have to be careful against teams that have nothing left to lose. That's the case with our opponent now, but we're more focused on ourselves to give our best performance. The decision of the players to pay for the tickets of Vidi fans for the match against Vasas says a lot about our players and shows how important the relationship between the pitch and the stands is for us. The relationship between the fans and the team should be the basis for future success and this could be an important step towards victory on Saturday. The decision is in our hands, our task is to focus as much as possible on the game and get the three points," said our head coach Bartosz Grzelak ahead of the season-ending league game against Vasas.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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