Balázs Tóth in the dream team of M4 Sport

The editorial staff of M4 Sport has put together the team of the OTP Bank Liga 2023/24 season, which includes our goalkeeper.

At the end of the season, M4 Sport's editorial team has put together a dream team of the best performing players, including our goalkeeper Balázs Tóth.

"He was a complete success, coming on loan from Felcsút, where he went 13 times without a goal being conceded in nearly half of his 30 games, and no goalkeeper made more than 124 saves. The fact that a significant proportion of these were in really good saves category is best illustrated by the fact that he has saved 10.5 goals for his team, based on the quality of the shots on goal. It wasn't really his fault that Fehérvár - just against Puskás Akademy- slipped inches off the podium, maybe if Tóth had kept goal in the first three rounds. And if not yet for the European Championship, he could have secured himself a place in the national team" - describes the performance of our keeper.

The team of the 2023/2024 season at M4 Sport's editorial office:

Author: David Rechnitzer

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