Adam Kovacsik: The supporters deserved the league title

The keeper was understandably disappointed following the final whistle.

"I would firstly like to thank the supporters who followed us in such numbers to Kispest. They backed us until the final minute. It was not down to them and we are talking about supporters who have stood beside us all season. They deserved the league title. Sadly the key game, apart from the opening 10 minutes, saw us play below the level we are capable of. We were not able to create serious chances. The game against Honved was similar to the majority of away games this season. We tried but things did not work out our way. Our opponents played at 110%. Naturally congratulations are due to Honved for winning the league. I am sure that we will need a period of time to get over this failure of not being able to win the league. For me I am sure that this applies as it would have been the first time that I would have been a title winner. This is what we work hard for each day. This is why we went out running on the 24th December, but we still did not manage to win the league. There will be those who say that things were not settled on the final game of the season, but we did have the chance and we could not live with it, which really hurts."  - commented goalkeeper Adam Kovacsik to the website.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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