Danko Lazovics 40 - Happy birthday, Danko!

The key man of our 2018 champions gave an exclusive interview to our website and also gave a message to the Vidi fans.

Danko Lazovics played a total of 80 games for Vidi between 2016 and 2018, scoring 29 goals and providing the same amount of assists. The former football great, who is celebrating his 40th birthday today, rarely gave interviews when he was a player, and that hasn't changed to this day, but this time he made an exception and was happy to accept our request.

- Happy 40th birthday to you. Are you preparing for a big celebration?

Thank you very much for the greeting, it's really nice that you thought of me. I am not planning a big birthday celebration, I will celebrate with my family and my closest friends. You know, while I was an active player, I didn't get to spend much time with my family. But now I try to make up for it, family is the first and most important thing for me, I spend all my time with them. 

- Did you have memorable birthdays when you were playing?

As my birthday is in the middle of May, which marks the end of the football season, I have often celebrated my birthday in conjunction with the championship title. I remember that in 2018, there were only a few days between my birthday and Vidi winning the championship, so it was only natural to celebrate both at the same time. 

- How is your everyday life these days, what are you doing now?

After finishing my football career, I spent a lot of time and energy training myself. I have successfully completed the UEFA PRO licence course and the UEFA MIP (UEFA's Master of International Football), which is a master course launched by the European football governing body for former top-class footballers, which will enable recent graduates to work as managers in world football. Danko graduated from the UEFA Masterclass with world-class players such as Júlio César, Florent Malouda, Kolo Touré, Andrej Arsavin, former Golden Ball winner Kaká, Lise Klaveness, Kim Källström, Rene Adler, and also with Viktor Kassai, who was voted the world's best referee in 2011 - ed.)

- Do you have any head coaching ambitions?

No, I don't want to work as a head coach, but I do as a sports director and for that, I've learned a lot in the last few years. Fortunately, it was not difficult for me to hang up my football boots back then, because I had a lot of good results as a player and I had no shortcomings. But I knew that football would always be a part of my life to some extent, because football is my passion. To this day I follow the performances of my former clubs.

- So you also follow Vidi's results?

Of course. I can say that I am up to date with Vidi, I am in regular contact with several people from the club. To be honest, I'm very sad, but I still have faith that Vidi will manage to keep their place in the top flight next season. I can't imagine Vidi playing in the second division, because not so long ago we were fighting for the CL group stage. Vidi is a great club with great people, they deserve to be in the top flight, and so do the fans. To this day I think back with a good heart about the team, the city and the fans. I had a very good two and a half years at Vidi, I had a lot of good times with the team. When I made the decision to quit, I remembered that I had won the championship with Vidi, I had been voted the best player in the league and I wanted the fans to remember that good Lazovic for years to come..

- What is your message to the fans of Vidi?

Guys, stick with the club to the end, because there is no other team. Stand by the team in this difficult time, don't give up, I'm sure the team will fight until the last moment. Only together we can reach the goal we have set, I am with you, because Vidi and Székesfehérvár are part of my life now. I pray for the club and I am sure that you will be among the best next year. Never give up, go Vidi!

Once again, we wish Danko Lazovic a very happy birthday!

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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