Media accreditation

The Accreditation order for international games involving MOL Fehérvár FC

1. The print and electronic media journalists and photographers can only cover MOL Fehérvár FC’s international cup games, with the accreditation that they applied for earlier. The club cannot guarantee entry to those journalists who arrive without accreditation.

2. Separate rules apply to the TV companies in respect of accreditation, which according to UEFA, and Hungarian Football Association regulations, require the written consent of the legal owner of the television companies.

3. Accreditation for the media can be obtained in writing, to with the deadline being two days before the day of the match, at 16:00pm.

4. The media staff with the accreditation request, at the press entrance, at the time of the handover of (photographers vest) will have to declare that they will abide by and accept the rules of MOL Fehérvár FC, UEFA and the Hungarian Football Association

5. MOL Fehérvár FC – together with the respective rules of UEFA and Hungarian FA – is authorised to set the amount of accreditations per match. They also have the right to authorise the amount of accreditations for certain media for a certain match.

6. In the event that the amount of requested accreditations exceeds the amount, which can be given out, then MOL Fehérvár FC provides the accreditations according to a predefined accreditation order.

Predefined accreditation order:
I/B Written and electronic media, news agencies and photo agencies from the country, which can be linked to the country of the visiting team;
II. Nationwide daily newspapers, preferred Internet sport sites (,, Fejér County media, and radio stations with nationwide frequency approval, News Agencies;
III. Other foreign medias;
IV. Magazines, weekly and monthly papers, local radio stations, independent press writers;
V. Other Internet mediums, sites

7. Only those accreditations requests are approved which are confirmed in written form, even in email. 

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