José Gomes: I am disappointed in the players who did not battle as they should have

The two managers spoke to the gathered press shortly after the final whistle.

José Gomes: "We went out onto the pitch at the home of a good side. We knew that their attacking combinations were good, which is what we prepared for all during the week. We managed to deal with these attacks for a while during the game. It was a real pity that we were not able to win the game in the second half. We had the match in our hands. We did not fight and battle as a team as I had expected. I am upset that we did not win. I am disappointed in the players who did not battle as they should have. This is not about money. The worst team in the world can beat the world's richest club, if they fight on the pitch as they should. We have some players who cannot cope with the pressure, where the aim is to play in a side where the target is the league title. We will have to look in to this, and if this is confirmed, then those players will have to be changed."

Artner Tamás: "I would like to congratulate my side! We played very well when it was 11 v 11. We conceded an unlucky goal, but I managed to calm the team down at half time by telling them that they would score in the second half. This is how things turned out and we also had other big chances, which we missed. I felt after our second red card that we would not lose this game. Our attacking play down the left and the defending on the right were both excellent."

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