Debreceni Tibor


Debreceni Tibor full name

06. 06. 1968. birth year

Szekszárd birth place


Tibor Debreceni, better known as "Penge", was born in Szekszárd, but his career as a masseur started in Paks, where he played football for the nuclear power plant club.

In Siófok he served the team in the second division under several coaches, including János Csank, who became the head coach of Siófok in 2002 and they were promoted to the NB I.

Since 2004, Debreceni has been a close and active participant in the successes of our club history: the Hungarian Cup victory, the championship titles, the countless finals, silver medals, bronze medals and of course the Europa League Group stage qualification.

  • 56 years age

Debreceni Tibor

Debreceni Tibor


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