Rédei Norbert


Rédei Norbert full name

07. 02. 1987. birth year

Jászberény birth place


Norbert Rédei joined the Hungarian Football Association in 2012 as a communications and press trainee. Between 2012-2015 he helped the association as Grassroots coordinator, and from 2015 he supervised the national youth training programme under Bernd Storck as programme manager.

In 2017, he was technical director for the national youth teams, assisting Antal Róth. In the meantime, he also obtained the UEFA CFM (Certificate in Football Management), an international training course of more than six months for sports professionals working specifically in football, under the auspices of the Swiss IDHEAD University and UEFA.

  • 37 years age

Rédei Norbert

Rédei Norbert


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