The two head coaches gave their reaction to the MOL Fehérvár FC - ZTE FC match

Bartosz Grzelak and Gábor Boér spoke after the match.

Bartosz Grzelak:

"I told the players before the match that in the last home game of the season it is important to perform well in front of the fans and get the three points, as we are fighting against relegation. You could see that the players responded well to that. From the first moment we attacked and went forward. You could see that we really wanted to win today. It was important that we took the lead very quickly and that gave the team more confidence. We then offered ZTE, who a goal behind, space and we had more space to attack behind their line. If we had managed the transitions better, we could have scored more goals, but I am satisfied with the three goals scored and the fact that we finished the game without conceding a goal."

At the press conference, our head coach was also asked about the performances of Dániel Kovács, Kodro, Schön and Kastrati, and what he was thinking when Kodro again got behind the penalty after missing the penalty against Mezőkövesd.

"Dániel Kovács made a great save today, but since I've been here I've been happy with him in training and in matches anyway. We have won several games without conceding a goal, thanks to him. And Kodro doubled his tally, and when you have a goalkeeping and attacking performance like that, the whole team can be successful. As for Kastrati and Schönt: ZTE played a different line-up than we expected, because they rarely play 3-4-3, but we prepared the players for it before the warm-up. We told the wingers to handle the wing-backs. One thing I didn't like was that it created a back six line for us in defence, sometimes we were pushed too far back, but apart from that I thought the reaction to that formation was okay. Kodro continued to be our number one penalty taker, so I was pleased that he was there to take the penalty again. Of course a football coach always automatically plays out the worst case scenarios in his head. So I also thought about what would happen if we missed the penalty. But this time he confidently took the kick. But the game plan would not have changed even if he missed it."

Gábor Boér:

"The early first goal was demoralising for us and made it easier for Vidi. After unforced errors the home team ran over us several times. We also got inside the Vidi penalty area a lot, but we were not effective enough in the final third and in front of goal. Maybe we had more shots on goal than the home team, but the quality was lacking. After their goal we opened up even more, gave the opponents more space and had to make a forced substitution. The team worked hard, tried hard, ran a lot. We tried to attack high, there was no mentality problem. There was a lack of quality, but we were prepared on purpose to stop the voices saying that we are not taking this game seriously. Now our goal is to say a nice goodbye at home in front of our wonderful crowd, many of whom came to see us off today."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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