The league season will finish earlier

The OTP Bank Liga 2023/2024 season will end on 18th May instead of 25th May.

To help the successful preparations for the European Championship, the MLSZ presidency has amended next year's season calendar. The OTP Bank Liga will end a week earlier in May 2024, according to the MLSZ website.

The Hungarian national football team under Marco Rossi will start their European Championship campaign on the 15th June in Germany against Switzerland. The team's preparation period will start after the conclusion of the championships. In order to give the staff and players an extra week, the board has changed the closing date of the OTP Bank Liga 2023-2024 season from 25th May to 18th May. To this end, a full round will be played on the reserve day scheduled for 7th February. The spring opening round will be held on the weekend of 3rd February, as originally scheduled.

Our team will host DVTK in the 33rd round at the Sóstói Stadium. If the last round is brought forward by the league, the match is expected to take place on 6th, 7th or 8th February. As soon as the MLSZ sends us a precise schedule, we will of course inform our fans.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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