Roland Szolnoki: We should have concentrated more towards the end of the year

The Videoton right back looks back on the first half of the 2017-18 season.

The team played their final game of 2017 on the 9th December in Szombathely. Now the players and coaching staff will rest for a few weeks before returning to prepare for the spring season. We asked Roland Szolnoki to look back on the summer and autumn months. 

"I feel that we started the season really well. It was also very early as we started back in June. We made it to the play-off's of the Europa League. This is a positive even though it always hurts to go out. It was like losing a final. I also think that results in the league were good. We were at the top of the table for a long time, right up until the Haladas game. We spoiled the last games and also got knocked out of the Hungarian cup against a second division side. It is always difficult to give a review after a defeat. However, we picked up more points than this time last year, which proves that we are going in the right direction. We now have a long break to the league season, but we need to continue to work if we are to achieve our targets and celebrate at the end of the season, and not like last year" - started the right back. 

"The high point of the last few months was knocking out Bordeaux. The home leg was unforgettable. It gave the players that added motivation in the weeks that followed. Sadly this feeling last only until the play off, as we suffered a 4-0 defeat, which saw us at a low point. This was not the only indifferent period of form. Going out of the Hungarian cup also placed its stamp on us. We should have paid much more attention towards the end of the year. We could have pulled away at the top had we won those games. We did not manage that but we will work hard during the winter so that we start the spring well" - commented Szolnoki. 

I also thought that the start of the season from my own part was very positive. I played in many games and also in the Europa League. I feel that I did well but then got less of a chance as the season went on. I was used mainly as a substitute for a few minutes or for one half. I am naturally not satisfied with this situation, but I will use the winter to make sure this changes. I always give everything in training. Perhaps I need to raise my game even further if I am to play all the time." 

Author: David Rechnitzer

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