Roland Szolnoki: We recovered from a low place by the end of autumn

The defender looks back on the past few months of football.

"I look back over the autumn season with mixed feelings. We did not start the season the way we had planned. We went out of European competition before we really should have. We also had nothing to be proud of at the start of the league season. There were serious changes at the club at the end of the summer, which gave us an impulse that thankfully saw us move upwards. I feel that one of the key men for this is Tamas Peto, who was named as head coach in a temporary role. There were serious changes that happened during those 60 days. We finally got back on to the road with the arrival of Ferenc Horvath, which we will hopefully remain on. We came back up from a very low position, which does a lot for our confidence that we can go into the winter break in a top three spot. I feel that it is important that we our not satisfied totally by the fact that we are in a top three place. We will try and keep in the title race until it is mathematically impossible. We will do everything we can to defend our league title. I am sure that Ferenc Horvath will give us a very serious pre-season to prepare. We did not really have time in the summer to really relax, it is important that we manage to do that noww during December. We can then begin working in January in a fresh condition. There will be very serious games from February as the season continues. We will visit the home of Ujpest, who are second in the table. There is also the Hungarian cup ties against Ferencvaros. The coming days will be about resting as I have already said. I did not have too much time to spend with my family and friends recently, so I have to make it up now. Football will not be the only exciting event for me in 2016. I will become a father in May. I cannot begin to say how happy we are and it will surely mean serious changes in my life. We are in the fourth month of the pregnancy and we know that it will be a boy. We have started to shop already and it really is a very exciting time" - commented Roland Szolnoki.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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