Roland Szolnoki: We are working for a good start to the spring

The first training camp went well and Roland Szolnoki knows that the hard work now will help the team kick off the spring season well. 

"We worked really hard in the first training camp and things will be no different in the second one. The club made sure that we could train in great surroundings. We really had nothing to complain about in Dubai. The training pitch and hotel was first class. The most important is for us to have a good start to the spring season. We have to work hard now to make sure this happens. We rested on Friday and Saturday. We were given things to do on Sunday and continued our preparations on Monday with two sessions. The morning was spent in the gym and the afternoon with the ball. We will meet up at the Sostoi on Tuesday and then head off to Spain in the afternoon. The plans are for us to play several friendly games out there" - commented Roland Szolnoki.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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