Niko is back with his family after hospital stay

Videoton striker Nemanja Nikolics suffered an injury in Wednesday's cup match at Győr.

Dr. Erik Gyarmati carried out an inspection on Niko, very soon after the player returned home from hospital. Naturally the club's website was also there to make sure all is well!

"I am very pleased to be back with my family again. I was unable to get out of my hospital bed over the last couple of days. I had plenty of time to think about my wife and daughter. I am delighted to be back with them tonight. Fortunately I feel much better now. My head hurt in the last two days and I also felt faint. My head still hurts now and again, but luckily I no longer have the feeling of fainting. I will now spend four-five days resting at home, and I have to remain in bed for the majority of that time. I will then be checked over by a specialist next week. It felt really good to receive all of those get well messages, whether it was by text messages or on Videoton's facebook page. I would like to that everyone!" - said Nemanja after returning home to his family. 

Author: David Rechnitzer

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