Nemanja Nikolic: We want to end the season with a win

The Vidi captain shares his thoughts as Vidi prepare for the league match in Miskolic against DVTK.

"We are still very disappointed with Monday’s cup final, however, life goes on and we are now focusing on ending the championship with a win. Our fate regarding the silver medal is not only in our hands, but in order for it to make sense to keep an eye on the result of the Puskás Academy match, we definitely have to win on Sunday in Miskolc. I think we will not have an easy task at all, since we lost to DVTK in Székesfehérvár and they are sure that they will do their best to say goodbye to the season with victory. Personally, I am very motivated as I am 6 goals away from catching Jozsef Szabo's 111-goal club record. I also have a good chance to finish second in the NB I goal-scoring list." - commented Nemanja Nikolics. 

Author: David Rechnitzer

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