Ivan Petryak: It was a very important win against DVTK

The Ukrainian winger was again amongst the goals in the 4-0 away win on Sunday.

"We have hard days behind us, as we lost the cup final against Ujpest on Monday night. This victory was very important to us. We have shown that we will never give up. I feel that this season finale match has benefited everyone’s self-confidence. With the new head coach and coaching staff, I’m sure we’ll be stronger next season. I don’t know yet how long our summer break will be, but for sure, everyone will need a little rest before we start preparing again. A lot has changed in the last two months, the team has improved a lot, I’m sure we’ll continue to improve in the period ahead, and next season, a much better Vidi will be seen by the supporters. Last but not least, on behalf of the team, I would like to apologize to our fans for the overall disappointing season. The cup loss was the most painful for all of us, but today we have shown that we will never give up and as I said, I am sure we will be much stronger next season." - commented Ivan Petryak. 

Author: David Rechnitzer

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