Imre Szabics: We picked up the 3 points we travelled to Diosgyor for

The two managers gave their reaction to the game following the final whistle.

Imre Szabics:

"We did our homework and we got the 3 points we came for. Unfortunately Puskas Academy didn't stumble, and we are happy for the 3rd place. Since the 1st April, we have been richer with these useful experiences, we know what things we need to change in order to get closer to Ferencvaros and not have such a difference between the two teams. I, for my part, am happy for the third place as it was not so clear. Since my team and I have been in control of the side, we have won five of the seven league games and drawn and lost one. My staff have worked well, and I thank the players and everyone for their work."

Zoran Zekić: 

"My team didn't perform well in today's match. We had some situations, but we didn't work as a real team. The people who gathered in the street might have performed better, so I apologize to everyone. We had a hard time preparing this week, I felt some of the players are no longer there in their heads.They should have shown more respect for the club and the team. We have been waiting for long months for our fans to be able to encourage us inside the stadium. It is quite understandable for their unhappiness, we also feel like that due to our inefficiency."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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