Michael Boris: "We have to play hard and in our own style in the second leg"

Our team's Europa Conference League second leg will kick off on Thursday at 18:00 at the home of Gabala in Azerbaijan.

"In the first game, after the visitors took the lead, we had to work hard to come back into the game and turn it around and we knew that Gabala had the chance to score the second goal. Since then we have analysed the match, we saw last Thursday that our opponent is a physically strong team and we will have to play hard and in our own style in the return leg. As for the chances, I said before the first meeting that both teams had a 50-50 chance of progressing, but now, after the win in the first game, we are in a better position. Nevertheless, we will have to put a lot of energy into the second leg, which is an important stake for us, so we will need maximum concentration. We have a league game at Paks on Sunday, so we won't fly home on Thursday evening, but will regenerate in Gabala on Friday morning, which is the best solution for us in this situation," said head coach Michael Boris ahead of the Europa Conference League return leg against Gabala.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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