Mate Patkai: Sadly the second half was one sided

The midfielder gave his reaction to the league match with Ferencvaros.

"It was probably the correct decision with regard to the second yellow card shown to Anel and that had an influence on the game. The first half was balanced while Ferencvaros had the upper hand in the second. We did not go over the sending off at half time and we wanted to just prepare for the second half. That sadly ended up being a one sided affair. Manager Marko Nikolic does not want us conceding goals from set-pieces and that we can prepare for those. The second goal ended up going to the far post and both Vinicius and I ended up kicking each other. I could have headed it clear had we not made contact. Sadly the game went as it did and we congratulate Ferencvaros." - commented Mate Patkai.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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