Marko Nikolic: We lost because we were naive

The Vidi manager spoke to the media shortly after the final whistle.

Marko Nikolic:

I congratulate the opponents for the win. It was played in very difficult circumstances and it ended up being a battling match on the pitch this evening. I am not thinking only about the temperature, and there is nothing we can do about that, but rather the pitch, which was really hard. We lost because we were very naive. We conceded the first goal following a set-piece. Then the second came from a counter attack. By the time that we had got used to the style of the game, we were already trailing. We did not play too intelligently in the first 30 minutes. I cannot say that we played badly after that, but we made some bad decisions and did not pick up a point. I still believe that we have a chance to go through despite this. This group will be decided in the last minute. We do not know the Chelsea-PAOK result, but we will need some mathematics to work out who will go through with the English team.

Aleksei Baga:

We picked up a very good result and I congratulate my team. Things went the way we had planned it to go before the game. I asked the players to be aggressive and they carried it out. We scored good goals and our positional play was fine. Perhaps we will travel out to Greece for the PAOK game earlier than normal to better prepare for the game. We are all looking forward to that match.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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