Marko Nikolic: We could have finished the game off in the first half

The two managers shared their thoughts on Saturday's OTP league game. 

Marko Nikolic:

We played well in the first half and quickly took the lead. We created chances and also hit the post and we controlled the game. I felt that we could have finished off the game as our visitors did not really have chances but we then conceded an unlucky goal. The second half was more open and we took gambles as we wanted to win the match. That resulted in more space in front of Honved. The supporters were entertained and there was danger at both ends of the pitch. It is less entertaining when your a manager though. The game became more balanced but I still feel that we dropped two points this evening. We missed many chances and I can think of 6-7 100% chances that we did not manage to convert. We should have scored more goals from the what we made. I would like to congratulate my players as I could see the fight in them and also the Honved players. The two sides played in a good game - perhaps the best one so far this season. I would finally like to thank the supporters who were behind us throughout.

Erik van der Meer:

The terrible thing is that we prepared to avoid the individual mistakes. I told the players to find correct solutions inside the first 5 minutes. We then go and concede a goal after 3 minutes following an individual mistake. This is a luxury that we cannot allow against a team like this. We then levelled in the first half and came back into the match. There were chances for both teams in the second half and both sides could have ended up winning. Finally the match was drawn, which I feel is an acceptable result. 

Author: David Rechnitzer

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