Marko Nikolic: It is hard to talk about this game

The two managers shared their thoughts on Saturday's 2-2 draw in Budapest.

Marko Nikolic:

"It is hard to talk about this match. I can summarize the first half when we played well and quickly took the lead. We also hit the post and we managed to keep the home side far from our own goal. Perhaps it was our best football of the season so far. We controlled the game as we did last week against Puskas Academy and even better. The second half was ugly. There were things that went on both in the stands and on the pitch, which painted a bad picture of football. We were not intelligent enough and did not handle the situation too well. I told the players that we need to be better than we were. We need to behave as adults if there is a situation like this. The players know how to play football and you could see this in the first half. I am in a difficult situation as I need to defend my players and they need to know that I am beside them. At the same time I need to critizise them and they know that they need to react differently if there is a similar situation in the future."

Nebojsa Vignjevics:

„I have to agree with my colleague as Vidi were better in the first half. The goal shocked us and we did not manage to come out of this easily. We made many mistakes that we do not usually make. There were chances for Henty, Hadzic and Scepovic. We scored a consolation goal in the second half and continued to play patiently. We managed to level the score but I am still not completely satisfied as we could have won the game with the penalty. The spot kick also confirmed what our own problem is. If I remember back to Diagne, he scored the penalty back then when the whole stadium was against him. He then scored another and ended up with 10 goals. That was the type of character that he was. I did not see a player with such a strong character in my team in the first half. The second half was better and I would like to congratulate my players for coming back from two goals down. I would also like to congratulate Marko Nikolic for the good performance from his side in the first half."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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