"It's always a great experience to be there for the national team"

We talked to our goalkeeper about his experiences with the national team, but also about Friday's match against PAFC.

In the last week Balázs Tóth has been part of two winning matches for the Hungarian national team. Our national team beat Turkey and Kosovo on home soil in friendly matches. Our goalkeeper has been preparing for Friday's match against Puskás Akadémia FC at the Sóstó since Wednesday - we talked to him about his experiences with the national team.

"It's always a great experience to be there at the national team meetings, the highlights of which are the matches. Fortunately, we were able to tune up for the European Championship with two wins, which brings the national team's unbeaten streak to 14 games. It was fantastic to play in front of 60,000 spectators in an ordinary match, where we are not playing against a top team, and it is also thanks to this support that we can be so successful, they give us a huge boost."

We also asked our goalkeeper about the difference between club and national team training.

"As everyone is coming from their club game at the weekend, the tactical stuff is preferred in the national team training sessions. The training sessions for the national team are very high-intensity, on the one hand because we have a lot of players from top teams, and on the other hand everyone has the few training sessions to prove themselves and get the opportunity. We are mainly practising the tactics we want to use at the European Championship. It was great working with Péter Gulácsi and Dénes Dibusz. They are two of the best goalkeepers in Hungary, and I'm trying to learn from both of them. Outside of training, I spent most of my time with Roli Sallai - we grew up together, so we bring up our childhood and talk a lot."

We also talked to Balázs about the games against the Turks and the Kosovars.

"Both matches served us very well in our preparation. The Turks are higher ranked, the Kosovars are weaker on paper, but there are no weak teams here anymore, the smaller teams can beat the bigger ones. We wanted to try out as many things as possible, which we can use against our European opponents. The first half didn't work out so well in either game, but by the second half everything was just the way we wanted it."

We don't have to wait much longer for Friday night's match against Puskás Akadémia, where Balázs Tóth will play against his former team for the third time.

"We would definitely like to win in Felcsút, which would allow us to increase the gap with them to 9 points. For me, it's always a special feeling to play against Puskás Akadémia, because I grew up there, so for me the game against them is the most special. That being said, I'm preparing for it just like any other game, but I'm really looking forward to it and hope we can win."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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