Gabor Marton: Every team suffers a rut and we are now in that rut.

The two managers shared their thoughts on Sunday's game shortly after the final whistle.

Gabor Marton:

"The match did not turn out the way we wanted it to. At the beginning, the game faltered a bit, yet we had a bigger chance, and then we conceded a goal. After that, the team pretty much gathered itself, we tried to push, to create situations, which more or less succeeded, but after the second goal, the match was already in the hands of Ferencváros, especially after the man disadvantage. Despite the defeat, the game was better than in previous matches, but the home team won, congratulations on their victory! The advantage of FTC is huge, we have to drive now for second place. There is a rut in the life of every team, unfortunately we are in a rut now too, but we have to stand up and move on, we don't have much time to lament, we play a cup match on Wednesday, we have to focus on that."

Szerhij Rebrov:

"It is always good to play against a strong opponent, of course the quick goal helped a lot at the beginning of the match. But we were well prepared, I’m glad the players understood what I wanted to see on the pitch today regardless of our point advantage. We knew that Vidi would attack us as they had fast players in front, we tried to dominate the middle zone, and when they switched to two attackers, we switched accordingly. We overcame several components of the game today with Vidi. Thanks to the fans for their support, even if they couldn’t be in the stadium, they still showed that they are by the side today."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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