Busy Tuesday at the Slovenian training camp - Day 2

The players took part in two training sessions on the first proper day of the training camp in Slovenia.

After a rest from Monday's six-hour coach journey, a team meeting was waiting for our players after Tuesday breakfast, who then cycled to the nearby sports centre, where Tamás Pető and his coaching team held the first training session of the ten-day Slovenian training camp from 10am. The weather in Kranjska Gora is summery, but compared to the heat in Hungary, the thermometer in the mountains read a pleasant 28°C, and the forecast is for the first week of the training camp to be like this throughout.

The coaching staff started with conditioning exercises and then, of course, the ball was brought out. After a fast-paced and energetic training session, the team had lunch and then a short break. In the early afternoon, our players were in the video room before the training session at 17h00.

The afternoon session was all about tactics, with the players up against each other with great enthusiasm, sometimes with a sparkle in the air, and of course with a lot of fun and excitement.

After dinner, many of the players went for a walk, as the mountains of Kranjska Gora, a small town of just 5,000 inhabitants, are really impressive and it's a 15-minute walk from one end of the town to the other. Of course, the Spain-France semi-final was not to be missed.

On Wednesday, the preparations continue with two more training sessions, and on Thursday the first friendly game against Bulgarian side FC Hebar Pazardzhik.

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Author: David Rechnitzer

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