Deybi Flores: "I want to prove my game to the fans"

We spoke to our newest signing, Deybi Flores from Honduras, about his strengths and goals, as well as social media and the history of his shirt number choice.

It's not often that a Honduran player arrives in Hungary, but last week you transferred to Fehérvár from Panetolikos in the Greek first division. How would you introduce yourself to the fans?

Indeed, as far as I know, I am the second Honduran footballer in the NB I after Luis Ramos. He won the championship with Debrecen, so maybe that's a good omen. I'm happy to have moved to Hungary, after the first few days I like the team, everyone I've spoken to so far has been very nice to me and I think we have a very ambitious team. I'm a player who always gives everything on the pitch, when I put on the shirt I give everything for the team to succeed. I am not a man of big words, I want to prove myself to the fans with my actions and my play. I have big goals, I always put the team's performance first and I want to help us get to where we belong in the table for this club.

Do you know Luis Ramos personally?

Yes, we have a very good relationship. I spoke to him before I came here and he suggested I come to Hungary. We also talked about Vidi, he told me what a club with a great tradition it is.

How big a change was European football after the American continent when you moved to Greece?

It was completely different in every way. In Europe, teams prefer more playful football, whereas in the Americas, including Honduras, there is much more impact, more toughness, the game is more combative. Nevertheless, in my country, they like a good game.

At the time of the medical examination, you had already been to Fehérvár. What were your first impressions of the country?

Yes, although I had just arrived in Hungary, I almost immediately left to join the team in Croatia, so I hadn't seen much of the country. I searched the internet for reviews and photos, so I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

You are primarily a defensive midfielder, do you play in other parts of the pitch?

I like to play both as a defensive and attacking midfielder, where the coach expects me to play, I try to prove myself. But basically I feel at home in the six and eight position on the pitch.

After your arrival was announced, we noticed how many people followed you on social media. Do you have a big fan base as a player?

I'm sure most of them follow me from Honduras, but exactly how many I couldn't say. Of course, when good things happen to you, like being introduced at your new club, you always get more likes, but that's not so important for me, I don't pay much attention to how many people follow you online. As a footballer, I want to leave a mark on people, not as someone who had a lot of followers (laughs). Of course, it's nice that since I left my country, I've been followed and that I'm followed by Greek fans.

Are athletes treated like stars in your home country?

It's interesting, but it's not as common here in Europe or the USA. Of course, more people know us, but athletes are not treated like stars in Honduras. 

Who did you get to know better in the first few days?

Alef and Stopira. With them we understand each other's language, which is a relief, so I talked to them more in the first days.

In the preparation match against Radnicki Beograd you made your debut in a Vidi shirt. How did you feel on the pitch?

I felt good, but basically I feel good when I can play matches, which is why I came to Vidi. It's much better to be on the pitch than watching from the bench (laughs).

What are your strengths?

I think my biggest weapon is my aggressive game in a good way. It probably comes from what I said before, that as soon as I put on the jersey and go out on the pitch, I do everything I can to help the team succeed.

How did you choose shirt number 12?

I would have preferred number 20, because I have played in this number all my life in my club teams and in the national team, I got used to it, I liked it. However, I already had a 20 at Vidi, so when I arrived I spoke to Tobias Christensen, who also arrived in the winter, to see if we could agree on a swap, but he said he also liked 20 and would stick with it. I have a two-year-old child, and I chose 12 because of his birthday.

Did your family come with you to Fehervar?

I haven't had the chance yet, my family is in Honduras, from where it's very difficult to get to Hungary and I didn't want them to leave without me. But hopefully they will be able to follow me soon.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to continue playing for the Honduras national team and to do that I need to do well at my club. Right now, the most important thing is to get to know everyone, integrate into the team and be successful with Vidi. From there, it will be back to the national team, whose jersey I am very proud to wear.

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